About Us

mine jewellery…

Two best friends… busy mums of two children each…. Both local to Narborough in Leicestershire….
Fed up throwing out favourite pieces of plated jewellery which had ‘had its day’ after too short a
time…. Having spent a year or two at our kitchen tables researching how to make our ideas reality we
are the proud owners of our own unique jewellery range….
We create beautiful personalised jewellery in sterling silver, gold & rose gold vermeil, (vermeil is a
plating over sterling silver), Swarovski Crystal & gemstone beads. We have designed & had made a
range of charms to compliment the beauty in our beads and the meanings of our gemstones. Our
charms can be added not only to bracelets, but also to necklaces & earrings.
Our bracelets are all about personal choice… everything we show can be bought just as it is or create
your very own mine bracelet design…. Select the beads you love, or feel inspired by the meaning that
it’s the bracelet you should wear, keep it plain, make it half of one bead type & half of another, add a
charm, or 2 or 3, add a letter bead to symbolise yourself or someone special to you, add only a letter
bead if you wish, or add nothing and make it all about the beads themselves… the choices are
infinite…. And if you stack them up…. They look great together… create your own collection in your
own time, of beautiful, personalised, meaningful, spiritual jewellery, which we hope you will love as
much as we do.
Although through the website you can create your own design, if you would like to talk to us directly
we can be contacted at
We have loved every minute of creating our new business, each purchase also comes with a
handwritten note which explains your creation including any gemstone meaning. We assure you the
pieces themselves are created with thought & care, we send them to you with love light &

Tracy & Sadie xx